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Easy Summertime Goodness June 19, 2013

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IMG_0244 This dessert takes advantage of the berries in season, a yummy cake (your own or store bought) and a twist on whipped cream. It’s easy and always a hit!
Simply take your favorite berries, wash and slice if necessary. Squeeze the juice of one lime, add two or three tablespoons of your favorite sweetener-preferably honey or agave, and then roughly chop four or five mint leaves.  Let this macerate for several hours.

To prepare the dessert,  take a store bought pound cake or angel food cake, or bake your own. We made an orange pound cake-very yummy and it added a different flavor to the dessert.  Slice the cake and cut into cubes.

Place the cake cubes in the bottom of a dessert dish and spoon your juicy berries over the cake.

The final touch is coconut whipped cream. Unfortunately, our photo shows what the cream should not look like because I bought the wrong can.  You need to use coconut cream (Trader Joe’s is a good one),  do not use coconut milk or cream of coconut.  It helps to use a cold bowl to mix the cream and you must use cold coconut cream. In you mixer place the solid part of the liquid, add 2 tablespoons of powdered sugar and a dash of vanilla.  Be patient, it will take a little longer to whip than dairy whipped cream. Once you have whipped cream, top your dessert with this yummy goodness and enjoy!

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From our kitchen to yours… December 24, 2012

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This was originally going to be a post about melt in your mouth mint truffles.  However, that was two days ago and somehow it is Christmas Eve and it is too late to inspire you to make these for your holiday celebration.  It is not too late to wish you and your loved ones a wonderful and memorable Christmas.  So from our kitchen to yours, cherish your loved ones, eat (sweets of course), drink and be very merry!!

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Grasshopper Bars December 1, 2012

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Well, let me just say this, I’m pretty sure heaven’s gates opened up the first time I tried one of these. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING goes better than mint and chocolate. I will argue that until the cows come home and until fat lady sings!

These are perfect for the holidays; brownie on the bottom, mint buttercream in the middle and a dark chocolate ganache on top. Be sure to look for them on our menu! Happy Holidays!

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