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ABOUT Katiepies July 6, 2011

  My great-grandmother, Elgia, outside the Johnson’s Cafe.

According to my mother, I have loved food from the day I was born. Apparently, one of my first words was “dewishous”.

It could be said that this love of food and sweet treats is genetic.  Most of my grandmother’s family worked at bakeries and my mom’s great-uncle owned Stan’s Ranch Bakery in Burbank for many years.  My great-grandmother and grandfather owned Johnson’s cafe in Mint Canyon where you could get a slice of my great-grandmother’s famous pie or cake and a good cup of coffee.  My mom has told me stories about visiting her grandparents in Oregon after they retired from that cafe, picking wild blackberries from the bushes down the street  and then going home and making pie and jam. Although I never had the pleasure of knowing those relatives, I think it’s obvious that they somehow left their mark on me.

 Johnson’s Cafe – Mint Canyon, California

My love for pie has inspired me so much that I want to share it with you! Katiepies is all about homemade pies. I decided to start canning my pie fillings so I could easily, and effectively share my pies. These pie fillings are ready to be used by you or be given as a gift. Each filling is prepared in a mason jar, wrapped with a pretty ribbon, and attached with a recipe card. Please feel free to explore my website and if you have any questions, ask away! New pictures are coming soon!



Valencia, CA



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