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Irish Soda Bread March 18, 2013

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IMG_3214Recently, we were going through our recipe book looking for ideas and came upon an Irish Soda Bread recipe.  It was hand written and I remember copying it from my great Aunt Ina’s recipe box.  Why not make it for St. Patrick’s Day? It is a simple bread recipe with the traditional caraway seeds, raisins  and this recipe called for buttermilk, I think.  Typical Aunt Ina recipe-ingredients are listed and directions written out, but soon you realize that something is wrong.  In this case the recipe called for dissolved buttermilk (what is that?!), although the recipe only called for butter.   We assumed it was buttermilk and adjusted the recipe, hoping for the best.  What we got was a moist, fragrant, crusty loaf of bread! I can see Aunt Ina giggling at her error.

There are a lot of great recipes for Irish Soda Bread.  Give it a try-it’s a nice change and makes a wonderful breakfast with butter and jam.

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