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Rome and Gelato July 12, 2012

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After our recent trip to Italy and Germany we vowed to do a series on all of the wonderful treats we tasted during our travels.  Before we left, everyone said the same thing “you’ve got to have the gelato!”  Well we did, everyday, at least twice a day.  We tried all different flavors and did not find one that we wouldn’t have again. We ate gelato in Rome, Florence and Venice.  It was all creamy, smooth and delicious!

Now that we are back , we  miss our gelato treat, so we decided to make our own.  Tree ripened peaches are in abundance right now, so we opted for  fresh peach gelato. It’s very similar to making ice cream except that it is whipped at a slower speed thereby resulting in that soft, smooth texture. Gelato also has less fat than ice cream and is made with whole milk and/or half and half instead of heavy cream.

Our peach gelato was delicious, the only thing missing was enjoying it  while walking amongst the ancient ruins of another time.

We hope you try some and enjoy every scrumptious bite!

Sweet treats to you,



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