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S’more Pie anyone? March 26, 2012

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We  think anyone would agree that the best part of camping is the S’more. Why not make a pie?  We have been testing and trying different combinations and have finally settled on the finalist.  Meet Katiepie’s S’more pie.  
Graham cracker crust, chocolate ganache, homemade marshmallow, chocolate silk filling and more homemade marshmallow-in that order. We love marshmallow-especially homemade, not too sweet but creamy and decadent.  You think you only want one bite, but then you want S’more!

This is a yummy addition to our menu.

Sweet treats to you!



One Response to “S’more Pie anyone?”

  1. Karla de Lemos Says:

    I loved this!! Very sweet and my favorite part was the homemade marshmallow. It’s different, and a great idea for a special occasion or even that annual camping trip. Try it!

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